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Shark Safari Day Tour

Our Shark Safari is one of our favourite experiences! A day long tour, we take you on a 45-60min boat ride to arrive off the coast of Round Island – the location of our dive sites; Shark Cathedral and Shark Arena. Named for their distinct and stunning topography. The area is a shark nursery, bringing to it many species of shark. Mostly female, the sharks come here not only to give birth but also use the area as a cleaning station. We can expect to see between 5 and 30 sharks from species including both black and white tip reef sharks, bull and nurse sharks. We also hope to see Manta rays and maybe even a whale shark.

We aim to offer our Shark Safari once a week, as with anything in nature no two experiences will be the same. Due to the location and distance, the trip is very weather dependent, and we have to keep watch for waves and current meaning the trip can be liable to last minute cancelation.

Nothing can compare to being surrounded by these magnificent and graceful apex predators as we watch them from so close. An experience you are sure to remember and cherish forever!


Olivier Fayolle started the shark dives at Pigeon Rock and Round Island in the late 90’s. Having had years of experience conducting dives here, it has given him exceptional knowledge of not only the environmental conditions surrounding the dive sites but also a deeper understanding of the behaviour of the sharks we find here.
The dive sites for the shark dive are further away and more demanding due to the stronger underwater current and surge, and the surface swell and waves. However, Olivier is a pioneer of diving at this location, and is therefore an expert in assessing the diving conditions. We insist that all divers who join us for the shark dive are experienced divers and we would like the opportunity to have dived with you previously to allow us the chance to evaluate your skill and comfort level to ensure everyone has the best and most enjoyable shark diving experience.

Tec Diving Mauritius, unlike our competitors always puts safety above profit, we dive in small groups and do not allow entry level divers to participate on our shark dive.

All shark dives are strictly conducted on Nitrox. If you are not yet Nitrox certified you can book onto our SSI Enriched Air Nitrox speciality course.

Shark diving season in Mauritius typically spans from October to April. It is worth noting that during the winter months, there are no shark dives available in the Shark Cathedral or Shark Arena. The grey reef sharks, which are renowned for their presence, are temporarily absent from these areas. However, divers can still enjoy exploring other fascinating marine life during this season. As spring approaches, the anticipation builds for the return of the grey reef sharks, signaling the resumption of thrilling encounters in these popular shark diving sites.


08.45:00 – Meet at the dive centre. 

Here we will gather all equipment and prepare the boat and you can enjoy a coffee and hear our dive briefing.  Your equipment will be taken to the boat for you while you enjoy a short stroll from the dive centre across the beach to board the boat yourself.

09:15 – Depart to Round Island

Reaching Round Island can take between 55 – 90 minutes.  We do two dives at two different dive sites, decided on the day choosing the best sites according to weather conditions at the time. Each dive will have a max dive time of 45 to 60 mins or 70 bar.  Our surface interval will be for a minimum of 1 hour.  Coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided. 

16:00 – Expected time of return.  

Equipment will be transported back to the dive centre for you.  Here you will have use of our rinsing station to rinse equipment before enjoying a hot shower if you wish.  We can then relax on our veranda and enjoy a beverage while we give the dive debrief and sign log books.


Prices are per person
Diving: 2 Dives, Diveguide, cylinders, weights and boat fees.
FREE Equipment Rental
30 to 32%
Duration: 45 - 60 Minutes per dive
Lunch and Softdrinks: Lunch, Water, Softdrinks, Tea, Coffee, Water and Cakes
Duration: Full day
Maximum Depth: 40 Meters


Dive computer per dive € 5 - Rs 250 per dive


Must be AOW/CMAS 2*/deep speciality or equivalent, be Nitrox certified, and have 20 logged dives or equivalent.
Must have done at least 2 dives with Tec Diving Mauritius previously to assess for diver skill and comfort level.


All shark dives will be conducted on Nitrox.
Maximum 6 divers on the boat. 2 or 4 per Instructor ( Small group only ).
Price is Rs 15000 / € 330 which includes 2 dives, boat fees, snacks, lunch, coffee, tea and water. 
Payment must be received in advance.


48hrs notice must be given to ensure a full refund. Cancellation within 48 hours of the dive will not be refunded.
If the dive is cancelled due to weather conditions either a full refund will be given or the opportunity to postpone to a later date.
No refund will be given if a diver decides not to dive once having boarded the boat (eg due to seasickness or wanting to do only one dive)


English, French and German


Bio Pasta salad (pasta, cucumber, tomato, olives, cheese, onion, dill, parsley, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice)
Smoked marlin or Roasted chicken
3 Cheese Quiche with spring onions.


Apricot and mandel tarte or Fresh Pineappel.

Please makes us aware of any dietary requirements or allergies prior to booking




Underwater photographer are most welcome to join us either to improve your skills or just dive in a photographers friendly place.


Rebreather support available. Rental unit AP Diving and JJCCR, Sofnolime 797 and accessories.


Deco stage available with right and left valve. Cylinder volume 7Liter and 11,1 Liter aluminium.


You can choose to extended your bottom time by using nitrox or Tec configuration. Twin and Sidemount available

We are fans of underwater photography thanks to our dive center manager – Olivier Fayolle. He is a wide angle and macro photography lover and has a great knowledge about the divesites, critters and photo techniques. 
Every Saturday we arrange underwater photography dives. Our instructors is well trained and have sharp eyes.

Digital Logbook

The FREE MySSI digital logbook gives you access to more than 65,000 dive sites. It has a suite of advanced features to help you remember your dive for years to come, including dive site GPS coordinates, a comprehensive wildlife list, a buddy list, and a customizable record of your underwater experience. Log everything from scuba diving and extended range to rebreather and freediving sessions. You can share or confirm your dives with a QR code. Dives can be directly downloaded from selected dive computers.

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