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In our online shop you can reserve, buy or order your dives, courses or the appropriate equipment to fulfil your passion.
With each order you will receive one confirmation e-mail, stipulating your purchase and the payment conditions. For booking dive training, you will receive two e-mails; the first is in connection with your order and stipulates the payment conditions and the second will provide you with your personal login information, to enable you to plan the exact sequences of your course and to get access to the digital manuals.

We cater for all divers, whether you are a photographer, a pleasure diver, or if you want to take your diving to the next step and become a professional. We also deliver everything in technical diving including CCR, Sidemount and SSI XR courses. We at Tec Diving Mauritius believe in the personal touch and we deliver quality service providing you with the best possible experience. We have access to some of the best dive sites in the north of Mauritius which offer beautiful and diverse topography, interesting wrecks and amazing marine life including an array of tropical fish, sharks, turtles and many more!

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