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Do you want to increase your career opportunities?
Do you want to join the fastest growing diving organisation in the world?

If your answers are yes, then it’s time to become a dual-rated instructor and sign up for your Crossover course with us.

Are you already a Dive Instructor with another agency and would like to crossover to SSI and/or you would like to improve your skills and learn more? The more experience you gather in diving, the higher your chances are and the more possibilities you will have to expand your career. Taking your SSI Instructor Crossover course with Tec Diving Mauritius is one of the best decisions you will make in your professional diving career.

Why SSI? The answer is quite simple! Today, SSI belongs to HEAD (since 2014) as well as MARES, REVO, LIVEABOARD.COM, ZOGGS and SCUBAGO. In comparison with the other competitors, SSI provides the best online training and the best material education for Recreational Diving, Technical Diving, Rebreather Diving, Apnoea and Swimming courses (beginners to professional level).

The good news is that, unlike other organisations, SSI does not apply pressure on you and understands that a professional diver earns their income with diving. Therefore, SSI does not demand any exclusivity, meaning you can hold membership and teach through other organisations at the same time.

All courses are held in 3 languages;
English or French or German.
Kindly consult our event calendar to choose the date and course with the language of your choice.

SSI Instructor Crossover prerequites


  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Hold equivalent rating within the last 2 years, meet minimum requirements for the SSI rating.
  • 100 logged Dives, totaling 65 hours or more, complete and pass all requirements and evaluations.
  • Academic Sessions: Varies
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: Varies
  • Open Water Sessions: Varies
  • Suggested Duration: 4 days

You will be sent an e-mail allowing access to the SSI online academics. You can use a computer or any digital device to login, update your profile and start the learning process. The multimedia academics with videos and multiple-choice questions keep learning fun and ensure you are perfectly prepared for your water sessions and academic sessions.

The SSI Crossover course lasts for 4 days. There are academic sessions learning the history and philosophy and education system of SSI. You will be updated on your academic and in-water teaching, professionalism, decision-making, and your knowledge of the education system. Pool sessions are where we will refresh your in-water teaching specifically looking at SSI methodology. This involves role-playing, observations and evaluations. Most courses are held at Tec Diving Mauritius ( Bain Pereybere, Boeuf ). All sessions are followed with thorough debriefing and discussion about your performance.


  • Dive professional registration are payable to direct SSI and are not included.
  • Instructor level crossover candidates must have the SSI Instructor Package and the SSI Base Package.
  • Physical materials for the course are available through the dive centre

Mandatory physical materials


    Wetnotes and Base package - Buddy Team & Briefing Slate, SSI Professional Mask Strap, Blue Oceans beach-up clean-up bag, Wetnotes, Dive Guiding Evaluation Slate

  • WETNOTES Rs 3900

    Wetnotes for all Recreational Beginner and Specialty Programs.


    Base Package (Diveguide and Divemaster)

If you have any questions, please write to us on WhatsApp +230 5253 8705 or get in touch with us via email and will reply to you within 24 hours.

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