TEC Diving Mauritius

Gas Blending


Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Oxygen and O2 Booster are readily available.

If custom mix is preferred to standard mix, let us know in advance and we will blend it for you.

Tec Diving Mauritius is very meticulous about compressor service and maintenance for an outstanding Air quality.

Furthermore, personal filters are used as a double filtration system to ensure that all micro-particles are removed thus, guaranteeing that our blend quality is on the Top-Level.

Nitrox diving in Mauritius

The standard Nitrox blend for fun dives is 32% Oxygen

25m 40 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 200.-
28m 36 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 200.-
30m 35 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 200.-
32m 33 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 200.-
36m 30 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 200.-
Trimix mix

Trimix and deco mix

45m 21/35 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 2000.-
60m 18/45 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 2500.-
75m 15/55 cylinder 11.1Ltr Rs 2900.-
6m 7ltr 100% O2 Rs 200.-
10m 7ltr 80% O2 Rs 200.-
22m 7ltr 50% O2 Rs 200.-
6m 11.1ltr 100% O2 Rs 200.-
10m 11.1ltr 80% O2 Rs 200.-
22m 11.1ltr 50% O2 Rs 200.-
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