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Please take a good look at these booking and payment conditions because with your booking you are accepting these booking conditions. They apply to all diving packages and courses. Please make sure to inform us of any problems you may encounter, we might be able to help when we can.

Required Information:  To confirm your booking with TEC Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd you must supply the required information for each guest as follows: full name according to passport, nationality, dive certificates level, number of dives and date of the last dive, a WhatsApp number is required for easy and fast communication.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you fulfill the necessary prerequisites to participate in the Scuba Diving activities you have booked, in accordance with your certification level and your logged dives. All divers included in your booking must hold an internationally recognised Scuba Diving Certification or be embarking on a course to achieve a certification; certifications must be shown upon check in at the dive centre or digitally prior to arrival.

Your Health: It is the divers responsibility to be in good health for Scuba Diving activities, all divers and students will be asked to fill in a medical disclaimer form upon check in at the dive centre (this can also be downloaded on our website), if a YES is answered to any of the questions please check reverse of medical questionnaire, if a YES is still stated on the reverse of the disclaimer then a certificate from a doctor will be required prior to any in water activity (this must be valid within the last 12 months), in the absence of a medical certificate you will be required to visit a local doctor at your own cost to declare your health conditions are suitable for scuba diving activities.

Covid 19: If you have been unwell with suspected or confirmed COVID 19, you will need to get a medical certificate to confirm you are “fit to dive” and bring this certificate with you.


Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd reserve the right to apply an appropriate surcharge to its prices should economic changes (such as exchange rates, fuel prices, etc…).  A minimum of 14 days’ notice will be given before such a surcharge becomes effective.

In our Office

  • Required 100% of the total price upon booking.
  • Full payment is due prior to engaging in any activities.

Online Booking

  • Required 100% of the total price upon booking.
  • Full payment is due prior to engaging in any activities.

Payment method

  • Payment by cash in MAURITIAN RUPEES, EURO
  • Bank or wire transfer EURO or MAURITIAN RUPEES


Please note that any fees incurred during the process of a bank transfer to our account are the sole responsibility of the customer. We do not cover or reimburse any fees charged by banks or financial institutions related to these transactions. It is recommended that customers inquire with their respective banks regarding applicable charges before initiating a transfer.


Amendments or cancellations: If you need to change/cancel any of your pre-booked activities once payment is completed we will do our best to assist you with your new request all amendments or cancellations of confirmed bookings should be made through Whatsapp ( +230 5253 8705 ) no later than 15 days ( full refund ) ( less than 5 days ) prior to your arrival. You will receive a response within 5 hours. Failure to do so will/can incur a charge of 100% of the total cost.

  • Trimix: Trimix gas blending tanks will be subject to 100% cancellation fees.
  • 15 days +++ full refund
  • 14 days prior to check in 10% of the total booking amount will be charged
  • 5 days prior to check in 30% of the total booking amount will be charged
  • Less than 5 days 50% of the total booking amount will be charged
  • No show 100% of the booking amount will be charged.

No refund or compensation is due payable by Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd for any unused activities. In other words, Guests who do not show up at the agreed time or do not complete training / dives for any reason, are not entitled to a refund in full or part of the total cost.

Failure to complete course requirements for any reason caused by the Guest could result in additional charges being made to complete the course at a later stage. This includes not being able to demonstrate competence to meet the performance requirements as laid down by the Course Standards. These charges will cover staff time, any other dive fees, equipment and material requirements, surface time, vehicle or transport charges etc.
If you are not willing or able to pay additional fees to complete your course, a referral document will be issued to you. This document will hold good for a period of 12 months following the completion date of the last part of this course.

Cancellation due to travel restrictions

Travel Restrictions: If your foreign office issues a travel warning and advises against travel to Mauritius, we will hold on account any amount paid to us as credit to use against a future booking and issue a credit note valid for 2 years. There will be no charge to make this change and if the re-booked trip is at the same service level but costs more at the time you chose to re-book, then the difference (and increase in price) will NOT be requested.

Covid 19: Any booking affected by COVID related travel restrictions can be rescheduled, without penalty, up to the service start date. 

Cancellations due to COVID -19: If you have tested positive prior to your arrival and have proof of a positive PCR result
Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd reserve the right to offer the following options

  • A credit note will be issued for the pre booked services with an expiry date of 2 years.
  • A full refund will be issued with no penalty applied (bank charges will be charged)


Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd reserves the right to rearrange the order of any itinerary, to cancel or substitute elements of any schedule without notice when local conditions force such changes.

Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd and the dive guides on the boat can prohibit participation on dives at their discretion based on lack of respect for marine rules and regulations, lack of respect or “handling” of any marine life, drugs and/or alcohol consumption before and/or between dives or failure to abide by international safe diving practices. In these cases no refund will be granted to the Guest for the missed dives and/or activities.


Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd acts only as agent for the person or companies providing accommodation, transport, or any other outsourced services hereafter called ‘Service Providers’ and Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd issues all documents based on, and asks Guests to refer to, the Service Providers’ own terms and conditions.

The Guests acknowledge that neither Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd, nor its affiliated companies, employees or agents shall be responsible or become liable in contract or tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay to person or property, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any Service Provider or by “force major” or other events beyond Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd control, including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, pilferage, delays, severe weather, Acts of God, Acts of Government, accidents to or failure of machinery, equipment, vehicles or industrial disputes.

Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd shall not be liable for, or responsible to, any Guest in the event of dissatisfaction based on personal opinion regarding the standard of service provided by any Service Provider nor be liable or responsible for any disappointment, distress, lack of enjoyment arising from any act or omission whatsoever. Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd will only acknowledge liability in the case of proven justified complaints in writing relating to specific and tangible inadequacies of facilities, or services provided directly by Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd. In the event of such a complaint the customer is requested to immediately contact Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd, for remedial action to resolve any problem or irregularity at that time. Only if such a complaint has been lodged will Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd consider fully investigating and acting on any complaint.


Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd recommends Guests to obtain a fully comprehensive travel insurance package that covers accident, medical, baggage, personal liability and effects as well as trip cancellation/interruption when a reservation is made.

For those that forgot to take a policy, you can subscribe to a short term dive insurance at DIVEASSURE or DAN ( Dive Alert Network ).


Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or wrongful death that may occur during activities arranged, booked or performed by Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd. There are inherent risks associated with all activities offered by Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd, and those risks must be accepted and accounted for. Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd is neither negligent nor liable if accidents happen as a result of acts or omissions of other third parties.

Scuba diving requires a certification from a recognized diving agency. It is your responsibility that you are suitably qualified, and provide proof of such qualification, to participate in any diving activities prior to you taking part. Such activities include all diving activities other than Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver Course, or Basic Scuba Diving activities that allow participants to take part without a license.

Tec Diving ( Mauritius ) Ltd cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for loss or damage on personal items such as individual dive equipment, camera and video equipment, hand phones, strobes and other accessories, passports, flight tickets, jewelry etc.


 To partake in any scuba diving activity we will require that you hold a certification from a recognized scuba diving society such as, but not limited to SSI, CMAS, BSAC and PADI etc…

This does not apply to Open Water Scuba diving course where you are learning to dive, or programs that allows participants to take part without scuba diving certification.

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